Retirement of Vern Chambers


What a ride! 56 years as Brannan Companies’ Custodian, Vern Chambers, has decided it’s time to park his famous yellow cart permanently.

Brannan is a Local, Family Owned and Operated, Construction business and has been a long standing company in Denver for 111 years! One of our longest employed, Vern Chambers started his career with Brannan in 1961 when he was just 30 years old, and continued until October of 2017 at his young age of 86!

Vern has blessed us with loyalty, commitment, excellent customer service, and a valued work ethic for the last 56 years and we are forever grateful to have worked with him; in multiple office locations, through rain, snow, sunshine, good times and bad, recessions and booming economies.

This wasn’t Vern’s only job either. He worked for Robinson Brick full time and then worked for Brannan in the evenings doing Custodial work. When he retired from the brick company, he stayed on with Brannan as his only client. Back in the day, Vern used to bring his wife and 4 children to the office to show them how it’s done, they would run through the office and help their dad as often as they could. Vern has always been a very spiritual man, never smoked or drank in his life, served in the military during WWII (Thank you for your service!). He loves a great game of Dominoes at McDonalds over coffee with his buddies and I hear he is a tough one to beat! A few years ago, as Vern’s vehicle was aging, Brannan’s Ownership gifted him a new ‘used’ truck so he could not only safely and reliably get to and from work, but because he’s been such a magnificent person to work with all these years.

Vern will be sorely missed by all of us office dwellers, we’ll miss his many greetings and salutations “how ya doin”, “I’m just fine” and he always says good-bye with a “God Bless You!” as well as his presence, he’s been a staple Brannan Employee for an incredibly long time and we’ve appreciated every second he’s given us.

Best of luck in your official retirement, Vern. Don’t be a stranger!


Brannan Companies